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Online movie streaming seems to be on a rising trend over many years. With the increasing number of smartphones in the market and the usage of internet, online movie streaming has reached new heights. Online movie streaming is now considered to be immensely popular. With the number of movie streaming apps available today it has become quite easy and accessible for people to watch their favorite films and web series anytime and anywhere and especially on 123Movies. Netflix came with its online movie streaming app which is now followed by Amazon Prime. Online movie streaming has made it possible for people to view their favorite movies without the need for remote control.

About Movie Streaming Services: Sites that give you instant relief!

Online movie streaming has eventually eased the lives of many people. Earlier people had to download their favorite movies which took a lot of time but with online movie streaming the download, the time has been eliminated. Free online streaming movie apps also save up on the money factor.

A huge benefit of online movie streaming is the fact that it offers a great amount of convenience. It is not necessary to have a TV or remote control in order to watch your favorite movies. It can be easily done via your smartphones, tabs, laptops, etc. You can even watch your favorite movies or web series when stuck in traffic. Online movie streaming apps allow you with access to multiple devices rather than on a single device. People nowadays are of the opinion that streaming services are way cheaper than cable services and at the same time they also provide the convenience factor. However, still today cable and satellites are prevalent in small percentages.

Popular Movie Streaming Services that come your way to entertainment!

When online movie streaming first gained momentum Netflix and Hulu were the most popular ones. However, with time many other companies too have introduced streaming services. After Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime are the most popular apps that provide streaming services. Online movie streaming also helps you with and keeps piracy at bay.

Let's have a look at some of the most popular online movie streaming apps:

● NETFLIX - This is the most popular online movie streaming service. Netflix was the first mobile streaming app that gained popularity in India. When we talk about Netflix it provides users with a host of an excellent selection of movies and series. With a signal account on Netflix, up to five users can create different profiles.

● HULU - After Netflix, the second most popular streaming app is Hulu. It is said to way inexpensive when compared to Netflix and also offers some great selection of movies.

● Amazon Prime Video - This was introduced in the year 2005 and it has since then emerged to be a tough competitor to Hulu and Netflix. Apart from movie streaming services it also provides users with free two-day shipping, Kindle free for a month, as well as unlimited access to Amazon Music and Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Secure your streaming with the best sites today!

The above are few of the streaming services that are currently in operation and at the same time are insanely popular among the audiences. There are also a few upcoming movie streaming services that will hit the market pretty soon. These include Apple TV +, Disney +, Peacock, HBO Max, AT&T TV, Discovery/BBC, and Quibi.

It is quite natural to see the best sites that you can stay tuned to for watching unlimited movies. Together, you can also watch new shoes and even animated cartoons too!

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